Help Me Support a Worthy Cause!

NBO AHC Donation Meme

Fam, as I watch us protest all around the country and the world about the police murdering George Floyd, I’ve been overwhelmed, angry, sad…

I’ve posted, tweeted, shared. And now I’m inspired to do more to signal-boost another systematic racist issue destroying our community.

Inspired by my late grandmother’s life, my scripted podcast “Address: House of Corrections” tells the story of Merry Paine, a strong Black woman who is a daughter, a mother and an ex-convict. National Bail Out –  a Black led, Black centered collective – fights to dismantle mass incarceration that snares Black women like my grandmother and Merry. And I am committed to continue my work as a creative writing teacher in prisons to support them.

So, for the next 8 DAYS and 46 MINUTES, I pledge to donate $1 to National Bail Out for every person who SHARES our “Address: House of Corrections” scripted podcast on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. And I ask you to match my donation here :

Please LISTEN AND SHARE and help me help National Bail Out, Fam.  They need our help now more than ever!

#AddressHouseofCorrections #NationalBailOut #BlackLivesMatter


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