On Cinder Blocks


Fam, if you’ve been following my blog, then you know I recently lost my dad this past March.

Grieving is a daily battle, and it’s funny how the slightest things can bring up memories of him.

To help me heal, I started writing these memories down, and low and behold, they’re flowing out of me in essay form. 

I have no idea how many Daddy essays I’m gonna write, but my goal is to publish them in a book when I’m done. 

This week, I shared the first one, ON CINDER BLOCKS, and thanks to my Auntie Izora sharing it to her FB friends, some folks had these nice things to say….

Regina Vaughn 

“I’m waiting for her book. She’s a delightful writer.”

Brian McLaughlin

“I love it, Monice! My favorite line is “And the truth is, Daddy knew I would rise to the challenge.” Story of your life!”

Priscillia Bailey

“I definitely will be buying her book. Cuz I can’t wait. Good Job! Congratulations!”

Deborah Oates

“💯Let me know when the book comes out!”

Felecia Kemp

“Beautiful story. Talk about making lemonade out of a lemon, and getting a lesson out of it.”

Toniette Hutchinson

“Congratulations. Will buy.”

Darnisha Slade

“Excellent, Monie. Excellent!”


“Beautiful sister just beautiful💖”

Betty Chavis

“Loved the message on wheels!”

You can check out my essay at Entropy Magazine and feel free to leave a comment!