MMS 2022 Picture

Descended from Georgia sharecroppers and Detroit auto factory workers, I’m the oldest daughter of divorced parents – a cancer-surviving mom and a Vietnam War vet dad (recently deceased.) 

Growing up, I escaped into the worlds of stories to combat my rocky home life and I later overcame my crippling shyness to become the first in my family to graduate from college and become a journalist.

But my pull since childhood to tell my own stories was just too strong. So, I walked away from my promising journalism career to go to graduate film school and become a Hollywood screenwriter.

But my story doesn’t end there. A living testimony that education saves lives, I have taught girls kicking crystal meth to write haikus in prison and I teach screenwriting and filmmaking to rambunctious middle-schoolers.

I’ve also returned to college in my 40s  to get my PhD in Sociology, because my people live well into their 90’s.

And through all of this, my neuroscientist husband – my ride-or-die of 2 decades plus  –  supports me. 🙂

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