Readers Thoughts for #MeToo

Me 2 #1

rachelmcleodkaminer – “Yes! This scene with your niece resonates with my every day experiences with children. What are other conversations that could take place instead?”

Jane Anderson – “This is a wicked smart piece. For millennium, wise aunties and protective papas and wary mamas have taught the young girls in their lives to watch themselves. And until the human animal finally crosses that line from beast to angel, it’s what the female half must live with.”

halfmoonjefa – “Thanks for sharing your essay. I liked it a lot, especially the little anecdotes and the patterns we pass to the next generation of little girls. You painted that echo from your own childhood brilliantly! I love the line, “a flicker of innocence evaporated.” It’s a profound show of losing a piece of our free spirit as a result of the issue our society is faced with. Great job! I also loved the sort of rant and jam packed punctuationless paragraph listing the scenarios of assault already taken place. They made the issue kind of three dimensional in a two dimensional essay, if that makes sense.”