Ear Movie Fans

“ADDRESS is a force du jour! They don’t make them like this anymore.” – Nichelle

“Excited!! Ready to read…” – Dedra Means

“Ohhh, you are just wrong for this. I can’t wait for the next episode and I have the book. LOVE IT!” – Kareemah

“Wonderful. I watched the clips of the making and could not wait for the rest of it.” – Rochelle Necole

“I felt like I was taken back to 1944 where it was hot, sticky and the mosquitoes were big as birds. Just fantastic.” – Nichelle

“Wow! I’m just waiting on one of those flying cockroaches to come outta nowhere, get under foot and keep on walking no matter how many times I stomp on it! This is GOOOOOD!” – Brenner Whitt

“This is an awesome book by a dynamic voice of the next generation of prolific writers.” – Kareemah

“Love it, Love it, I’m hooked; you go girl!!!!!!!” – Shawronah Simms Johnson