Recently, I’ve begun channeling my inner Nora Ephron (again) through essay writing. Feels like it’s sticking and I look forward to writing more. Here’s what readers had to say my newly published one,  SORRY, I CAN’T COME OUT AND PLAY. MY MOTHER IS DYING.

This story, done by a amazingly talented writer/former journalist, is simply incredible. It not only tells a story of her mothers strength, but her journey through her situation. As a stroke survivor, it gave me more strength to carry on. We all need those reminders that we can overcome. Our strength and will is the key, and we must carry on for our children. Thank you for that message.

This story was amazing! It made my heart smile. Having a slightly similar story it brought to mind the emotions of fear of possibly losing my mother and then the triumph of survival! Bravo!

Heart-rendering story and yet with a clever touch of humor. The content and subject of the story – a loving mother doing the best to raise her two daughters despite the odds – is powerful enough but the writing brings a soul-lifting narrative that leaves the reader with a desire to run to the family and embrace them in a huge hug. Thanks Monice for sharing. Blessings

Peggy Anne Reid What an inspiring love story about a mother for her daughters. 

Margaret Bernstein Incredible story, Monice…and what a grabber of a headline! The world owes your mom big-time for producing such a gifted writer.

This is a work of beauty, honest and eormous importance. There is almost nothing about how children feel when their parents are seriously ill or die in literature or palliative care. It’s all about in the past — how parents feel when losing children. A must read for clinicians and therapist who care for children and families.



You can check out my essay at Entropy Magazine and feel free to leave a comment!

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