Screenplays. I write ’em.

Here are some of my most current log lines.

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GOOD MORNING, LAZARUS: Two men – a white husband mourning his murdered wife and the Black cop who killed her – forge parallel missions, then work together to expose the Detroit police department’s conspiracy to cover up her wrongful death.

MERRY MERRY – Novel Adaptation of “Address: House of Corrections”: A teen girl damaged by the trauma of being raped as a child loses control of her life, then finds the strength to persevere and reconcile with the daughter she deserted and the mother who abandoned her.

BLUES AWAY – Treatment:  In 1977 New York, a lonely singer on the verge of superstardom and a young woman bound to an arranged marriage find soul mates in each other the night before her wedding.


SACKED: A football twist on “You’ve Got Mail,” SACKED is a romcom movie about a Black woman superfan who creates a viral crowdfunding campaign to get rid of her home team’s quarterback as they unknowingly fall in ❤️ with each other online.

NOT REAL LEE:  A selfish imaginary friend loses his job and learns the true meaning of friendship after suffering an identity crisis.


GROWING UP NIKKI – Half-Hour Coming-of-Age Pilot adapted from my essay, “Sorry I can’t Come Out and Play. My Mother Is Dying: “Everybody Hates Chris” meets “This Is Us,” GROWING UP NIKKI unfolds in the year 2000 as Nikki, 29, shares stories with her cancer support group about her mom, who secretly battled cancer in the early ‘80s and taught her lessons to grow up after she was gone. 

13TH GRADE – Half-Hour Comedy Pilot: After getting suspended for her suspected involvement in a student cheating scandal, a privileged Ivy League professor is banished to teach at a Los Angeles community college to earn back the right to teach at her former university.  


NANA’S FRIDGE – Animated Film adapted from children’s book: Trapped in a magic refrigerator, two bickering sisters learn to work together to create a healing soup that will cure their nana’s cold.