Children’s Book Fans

Kia and her baby girl“My baby is a toddler now, and her favorite thing to do these days is read books. When I saw this one, I knew it would be an instant hit. The colorful illustrations fascinate my little girl as I read her the sweet story of two sisters and their grandma’s magical fridge!

The story is one that all children can relate to and I know that this book will grow with my daughter. She hasn’t put it down since I got it for her and insists that I read it to her multiple times every day…which I don’t mind doing, because I love it just as much as she does!

I highly recommend this fun book for children of all ages. It tells a sweet story, and also teaches a lesson of love that everyone can enjoy.” ~ Yazmin’s Mom

“Wonderful….wonderful…wonderful. Ordering to add to our YMCA charter school library.” ~ Latitia McCree 

Tony Reads "Nana's Fridge" To Sophie“Adorable – the art is so precious – so real – love it!” ~ Nichelle Protho

“I want to get a copy for my grands. Thanks for sharing this with the world.” ~ Verlean Drv Hailey Gould

“This will be perfect for my kindergarten students!” ~ Kristan Elkins

“So freaking cute – my Grammy’s fridge was a plethora of sweets & goodies that were contraband at home 🙂 “ ~ Zeke Dedman

“I‘m getting my copy today. It’ll be a great teaching tool for the children.” ~ Chef Cheryl Tate

“Yea! Ready to add to telling tales and summer reading list.” ~ Oba William King, The Poetic Storyteller

Yazi, mom and dad love "Nana's Fridge!"“I am so delighted to have received this amazing story about Nana’s Fridge. I actually purchased it for my grand niece. Upon reading it to her, I found myself reflecting on my own experience(s) with my Nana. I would personally like to thank the author for such a beautiful travel back down memory lane. P.S. Can’t wait for her next project. #loveit” ~ Karen Neighbors

“Monice Mitchell Simms wrote a wonderful book called Nana’s Fridge! The story was really loving, with twist and turns and fantasy. All of which kept my babies engaged. The reader gets to use his or her imagination along with the two main characters. If you have some little people who love getting up in their Nana’s Fridge, then this book is for you!!!!!! ” ~ Tangie Ambrose