Read About Monice’s Journey

An expert wordsmith, Monice Mitchell Simms is a Producers Guild of America Diversity Alumnae and an accomplished storyteller that slays the multiple platforms of film, television, publishing, podcasting and social media.

As an award-winning poet and playwright, Monice penned “Stop the Great War,” which was recognized as a Lorraine’s Hansberry finalist in the American College Theatre Festival and produced as a film for public television.

Monice has reported for numerous publications, including The Directors Guild of America magazine. She also wrote, produced and directed two award-winning films, “Carmin’s Choice” and “Rain” for Showtime. And she has authored seven books, including her children’s story, “Nana’s Fridge,” and her historical novel, “Address: House of Corrections,” which is now a fan favorite scripted podcast on Soundcloud, Stitcher and Apple Podcast.

Also a creative writing teacher and coach, Monice holds a BA in journalism, a MFA in film, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Sociology. Her screenplay, “Redeemed,” adapted from the novel, “Surviving Justice,” is currently streaming on BET+ and Apple+TV. Monice also co-wrote and produced the documentary, “Two Classes of 1968,”  was the EP-showrunner and writer of the docu-course, “Discovering West Africa: Ghana, Senegal and Cameroon,” premiering on the Wondrium platform in 2023, and Monice has a slate of original/adapted books, scripted podcasts and screenplays in development.