Television pilots. I write ’em.

Here are my most current log lines.

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GROWING UP NIKKI – Half-Hour Coming-of-Age limited series adapted from my essay, “Sorry I can’t Come Out and Play. My Mother Is Dying”: Reflecting on the serious topic of cancer from a Black woman’s ironic point of view, GROWING UP NIKKI is  set in Detroit and unfolds in present time as Nikki, 48, shares stories with her cancer support group about her no-nonsense mom, who secretly battled cancer in the early ‘80s.  Following two parallel stories each week, the series explores the transformation of the put-upon woman Nikki’s become by flashing back to her as an adventurous 11-year-old girl who rebels against, but ultimately absorbs the lessons of her mother’s love.  

13TH GRADE – Half-Hour Comedy Pilot: After getting suspended for her suspected involvement in a student cheating scandal, a Black, privileged Ivy League professor is banished to teach at a Los Angeles community college to earn back the right to teach at her former university.  


H8TE –  1-Hour Drama Pilot: A discredited Black female medical examiner and an unorthodox Native American Special Agent investigate hate crimes that blur paranormal lines for the FBI.