Remembering Michael….


I’m a little late posting this today. I guess part of me may have been avoiding it, because the truth is…On Friday, I was in a funk. It always happens the few days leading up to Michael’s death. See, I never consciously remember the date he died, but my heart does.

And even now, 9 years since he’s been gone, it’s never a good time for me. Usually, I couldn’t bear to hear his music or see a picture of him online, because the pain was still so real for me. But something changed on Saturday…


Our friend Denise invited us out to Michael Jackson celebration at the #GraffLab to see her wonderful son Ashton perform and I set my grief to the side, so we could go support him. Unfortunately, Ryeal and got delayed by another appointment and we got there too late to see Ashton perform. We were able to catch the last performance, though, and Fam #RemJ and and his Longbeach troupe gave me LIFE when I saw him.


RemJ and his LongBeach Troupe

This boy was sooo good and for the first time, joy completely hijacked my grief and I danced, clapped and cheered along with everyone else. I was so excited that I even asked to take a picture with them afterwards and couldn’t stop gushing to their manager about how great RemJ was!

Then, just when I thought the night couldn’t get any better, something truly AMAZING happened – I met #MichaelJackson. OK. Not THE Michael Jackson. LOL! But, Fam, I SWEAR, being in MK’s presence made me feel so HAPPY. I INSTANTLY turned into a 13-year-old girl and even asked him if he would fulfill my childhood dream – To dance with Michael. And what happened next, I never could have NEVER imagined.


Me and Michael… I mean, MK.

If you want to see me dance with Michael (MK), follow me on my Instagram page!

Keep dancing, Fam!


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