Surprise! Guess Who’s On iTunes?!!

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Fam, I was going to write a post about all of the great things happening with #AndShit, the podcast I host with my bff-brother Quincy Lenear, but realized that he said it so well, I should just repost him. LOL! So here ya go…

Hey ya’ll!

Thank you for all of your support of #AndShit. It’s been a blast thus far and we hope to keep building on this fun!

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This week’s very special episode touches on our G.O.A.T.s (Greatest Of All Time), the trinity of musical greatness, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Whitney Houston. We also discuss the upcoming documentary, Whitney The Film , which I had the pleasure of catching an advance screening of. Check out my review and check out the film in theaters on July 6th!

Also…I’m so excited! I’ve been battling iTunes for 2 weeks to carry our   and today – without any notification – I checked and we are LIVE!  We’re also available on Google Play!

So have a listen, leave a comment, subscribe somewhere, share if the spirit so moves you, or tell me to take you the hell off of this e-mail list. XO



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