The Making Of “Address: House Of Corrections!” EP. 1

#MakeBelievers, creating my #EarMovie, “Address: House of Corrections” with my talented friends was one of greatest experiences of my career so far.

I grew so much as a writer and director and I owe it all to my cast: Joy DeMichelle Moore, Toby Smith, Tangie Ambrose, Cheryl Francis Harrington, Carl Gilliard, Scott Peat, Taji Coleman and Quincy Lenear Gossfield. And my engineering angels Tavis Smiley, Johnny Morris and Morris O’Kelly.

I’m also blessed that my husband and rock, Ryeal Simms, recorded our entire “Making Of A:HC” journey, so that I  can share PART 1 with you today. 

Hope you have as much watching it as we had making it!

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