Behind the Words

10917062_10205194803578524_386721528366668260_nI’ve always been fascinated with process.

The process of how folks get stuff done.

How they get over.

How they survive and prevail.

I suppose that’s why I became a journalist. Why I’ve produced documentaries and why my favorite section in the bookstore has always been the “Making Of” film section.

Without fail, the books are too expensive, but within those glossy pages dwell priceless treasures, revealing behind-the-scenes photos of directors, actors and producers creating.

And if they’re really good “Making Of” books, they share journal entries from the auteurs, themselves. their frustrations, exhilarations and lessons are laid bare just for me to see. And I gobble up the info, connected to the story through the teller.

I’ve always yearned to chronicle that connection . I even kept a journal during the production of my showtime short film, Rain. that “Making Of” book , though, never saw the light of day.

Then, I wrote Address: House of Corrections.

I must admit remaining diligently obedient to the muse so that I could pen what was flowing through me was my main motivation. But my desire to publish a “Making Of” book never entirely strayed from thoughts.

And now as I celebrate the fifth birthday of my debut novel, I’m reminded of where I started.

The process.

Lawd knows it’s been a long one:

  • Walking in faith.
  • Resigning from my job.
  • Years without health insurance. 
  • Bills.  
  • Fibroids.
  • Marriage.
  • Attracting an agent.
  • Rejection from publishers.
  • Losing an agent.
  • Indie publishing.
  • Life.
  • Love.
  • Death.
  • Doubt.
  • Joy.

Everything that has happened to me on my journey to become an indie published author and authorpreneur has happened for a reason.

Prayerfully, some of you will relate to my testimony. Others may shout ‘Amen’ or straight up bust out laughing to keep from crying (as I did many nights. LOL!) Howsomever, it touches you, I just hope it touches you.

Because we, who tell stories, thrive and grow through our connections.

All I’m asking, humbly, is that you connect with me.

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