Address: House of Corrections Audio-series Trailer


Fam, over the years , I’ve learned that some ideas have to age before they can really be enjoyed.

I believe my audioseries “Address: House of Corrections” is one of those ideas.

The first of a trilogy & fictionalized tale of my grandmother, it tells the story of a woman who overcomes her demons and stars Joy DeMichelle, Carl Gilliard, Tangie Ambrose, Cheryl Francis Harrington, Quincy Lenear Gossfield, Toby Smith, Taji Coleman and Scott Peat. 

Every Friday, I’ll be posting  new episodes on my Patreon site for you to EXCLUSIVELY enjoy. But TODAY, I’m giving you the trailer and prologue for FREE  to give you a taste of “Address: House of Corrections” – my movie for your ears. 🙂 

First up is the trailer.  To make sure you don’t miss a thing, you might want to sign up at my Patreon site now —

Happy listening and keep growing!



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