#4 Thank you, Jackie

I thought this was going to be a long post, but now I realize it doesn’t need to be.

The plain and short of it is: In 2018, my friend Jackie asked me to adapt her novel, “Serving Justice” into a screenplay.

I collaborated with Vickie, the producer, who brought on the director/co-writer through 2020 to get it across the finish line. And now it’s streaming on BET+, on Apple TV + and DVDs are selling at Walmart.

There’s a lot of stuff that happened in between — text messages, phone calls, interviews, a zoom panel with Jackie and Vickie — that I could chronicle again after sharing it in real time this past year, but honestly, Jackie suddenly passing away supersedes it all, so I’m going to just say this —

#4. REDEEMED Thank you for blessing me this year, Jackie. Thanks for supporting me, believing in me and trusting me to adapt your baby first to screen. I was looking forward to helping you rebirth more of your novels into films, and I will remember your spunk and spirit. Always.

Happy Sunday.

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