#3 She’s Your Queen To Be!!!

Fam, they finally got me.

I had been seeing those Ancestry.com commercials for years, thinking it was just a scam for the government to get my DNA. (It’s not true, btw) But after my brother Quincy – a genetic genealogist enthusiast – wore me down — Just kidding. But he definitely walked me through all of my concerns — decided to take my genealogy test for my 50th birthday gift.

The results, I have to admit, were surprising.

Like most African Americans with roots touched by slavery, I expected my light skin genes to reveal a percentage of white ancestry. And thanks to my slanted eyes and round face, I also thought I would finally confirm my Asian roots, too.


#3 SHE’S YOUR QUEEN TO BE!!! Turns out I’m 41% Nigerian, 39% Cameroon- Congo-Western Bantu Peoples, 4% Ivory Coast-Ghana, 4% Benin-Togo and 12% other regions, 1% Senegal and 1% Mali, which makes me — if you’re counting — 90% African. 👍🏽

My DNA results also indicate traces of the transatlantic slave trade revealing that I am 3% Scottish (Mitchell is a Scottish surname), 2% German, 1% Irish and 1% Finnish. But what was most surprising and unique, according to Quincy, is that I’m also 1% Greek and Albanian. Welp, I do love me some olives and feta cheese. 😋

My late great-grandmother, grandmother and my momma — so grateful to still have her in my life every day. ❤️

The final result I owe to my Granny. She always told us her grandmother was Blackfoot Indian, and I always took it with a grain of salt, because all Black folks say they got Indian in them. 😁 Then, my DNA results confirmed it. I’m 2% Indigenous Americas North, Fam. Granny was right!

After I got my results, my friend, Joy, asked me if I felt any different knowing where I came from.

And honestly, I did. Now, I’m curious to trace my family history, connect with distant relatives and hopefully one day, visit, the places where my DNA ancestors lived. Fam, my bucket list for my next 50 years is going to be 🔥.

Thank you Ancestry.com for blessing me this year!

Happy Monday.

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