What A Difference A Decade Makes!


#ThrowbackTuesday A lot can change in 10 years, Fam. 

Ten years ago, I was struggling financially, subsisting with a chronic illness and my writing career was stalled.

Then, I independently published my first novel, “Address: House of Corrections,” and everything changed.

Well, let me explain….

Financially? Some days, it’s like playing a game of three card monte, but I’m doing much better.

That chronic illness? I dropkicked it to the curb.

And my writing career? Thank you, Baby Jesus, I’m breathing deeply and exhaling these days.

But my dream that my novel would become a New York Times Best seller…Oprah would choose it for her book club…and I’d win an Oscar for best adapted screenplay?

Hasn’t come true.


But, hey, a lot can change in ten years, right? 😉

Happy 10th Anniversary to my favorite debut novel, “Address: House of Corrections!”

And stay tuned, Fam, for a special announcement tomorrow!

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