About Last Night…

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Fam, I haven’t been in the PGA Power of Diversity Master Workshop a week yet and I’m already getting to experience some next level things!

Last night, my mentor Brian McLaughlin brought me along as his plus one to Netflix‘s screening of the House of Cards Finale and a moderated conversation with Executive Producer, Actor & Director #RobinWright, Actor #MichaelKelly, and Executive Producers & Writers #FrankPugliese and #MelissaGibson.

Not only was the HOC series finale episode jaw dropping and the conversation enlightening, but Netflix’s exhibits for its other shows were also great to see. And those shrimp poppers were delicious!

Check out a few pics I snapped and stay tuned for what comes next. Whatsoever that might be. 🙂


Interested in learning more about the workshop? Check it out here and apply!

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