We Got Our NOT REAL LEE Trailer Cast!

NRL Trailer Collage1

Happy #MemoryLapseMonday, Fam! LOL!

I posted this on Saturday and forgot to share it here, so use your imaginations and travel back in time with me to the weekend, OK?


Happy Saturday, Fam!!! I’m excited to announce that we have locked in our cast for my #NotRealLee Trailer! And they are AWESOME!

Check out their lovely faces above from L to R:

#AdanWilliams – our young leading man – will be playing BILLY.

Dash Porter will be rocking as LEE, our bunny costume wearing namesake.

#TorreyRichardson will be bringing our mermaid WENDY to life.

And yaw ain’t ready to see #ZariaKelley as HELENA!

Can’t wait to play with these four, Fam! And our supporting cast Joy DeMichelle and Miles Grose ain’t no joke, either. 😍

Stay tuned for more updates!

#IndependentFilmmaking #BlackWomenDirectors #FantasyComedy #FamilyComedy #ItTakesAVillage #WhoIsMonice

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