My Dream Is Coming True!


Fam, you know how sometimes you have an idea for a project and you’re passionate about it and you work like hell to make it happen, but everywhere you turn, you run into roadblocks?

Yeah. Well. That’s been my life with #NotRealLee for 20 years.

See, that’s when I first wrote the script. And like most scripts in Hollywood with no representation or backing, it sat in a drawer (with all my others, I might add) collecting dust.

Until, I told my friend, Denver about it. And Denver – an amazing actor and kindred spirit producer that has been putting in the work like so many of my talented friends – couldn’t get the story out of his head.

Heartbroken, though, I had moved on. But Denver – in his quiet, persistent way – wouldn’t let it go. Over the years, he kept checking in with me to remind me how great my story was of an imaginary friend losing his job and suffering an identity crisis. And before I knew it, I was excited about it again.

Inspired and motivated, I wrote a couple of new drafts, got the script into tip top shape, created a pitch deck and we took it to the market place. But no one bit.


Last year, that would have been the end of the story. But this year, I made myself a vow – TO BE A FINISHER. And so instead of just writing another draft from notes I received, I decided to shoot a trailer of #NotRealLee as a proof of concept and my vision.

I had no idea how I was going to do it, but Denver – fueled by my faith and his – immediately went to work!

And Fam, when I tell you, God, has literally been opening doors and making a way out of no way for us…We have been blessed with SO MANY people and things we wouldn’t have dreamed to ask for. From an amazing school location to an amazing cast and crew…And who knows what other blessings might be waiting for us after we shoot?!

I am so happy, excited and grateful, Fam! I can’t thank my husband enough for not letting me quit. And what more can I say about my friend Denver of 20 years?

Let’s do this, man! I love you!



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