Yaw do my heart good….


GM, Fam.

Woke up this morning feeling some kinda way and for a second yesterday….A long second…I was falling down a rabbit hole of doubt and just plain anger of not being  valued or “seen.” I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say my husband — bless his heart — listened to me vent, told it to me straight and I let go of that pettiness. 

Today, instead of complaining about the smaller size of my inauguration crowd…I mean, supporters…I want you to know how GRATEFUL I am to yaw for hanging in there with me. 

Being a writer is a long, hard road of one step forward, two steps back and it does my heart good whenever I see you like one of my posts or I get a message from you. 

Also wanted to let you know while I’m working hard to finish editing my “A:HC,” I’m also going to be staging  a scene in my friend Stacey’s event, “Enough Is Enough.” The flier is above and I know most of you are nowhere near L.A. to come, but if you know someone who is, could you please pass it along? 

OK. Back to grinding now. TY for reading this. Love yaw to pieces.


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