Thanx, Twitter, 4 Making Me A Better Writer!

lck75xpcaGotta admit: When I first set out to rebirth my novel, “Address: House of Corrections” as a trilogy to appeal to teenage readers, I didn’t think I would cut that much.

Then, as I started chopping and nixing, I realized I had written too much. Not too much in the sense that my story was rambling and incoherent. (I can thank my years as screenwriter for that. J) It was more like I had hit some thoughts redundantly, even as I expressed them differently.

Granted, there’s no better hindsight than looking back at a book you wrote six years ago. But, Fam, that’s not the only reason I’m now able to see how to make my novel better. Gots to give Twitter a shout out for that.

Thanks to Twitter’s 140-character limit, I’ve learned:

  • How to say exactly what I need to in as few words as possible.
  • How to use shorter, descriptive words that pop
  • How to proofread and hone my words to inspire readers to keep turning pages

So far, I’ve edited chapter 1 of “A:HC,” which clocked in @ 1,359 words. It’s now 859. Can’t wait to cut the next 510 words. 🙂

Thank ya, Twitter!

Keep growing,


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