#9 Swimming Upstream….

Life funny.

Sometimes, when you’re struggling, swimming upstream — and I’m chuckling as a write this, because I can’t swim for first. LOL. But back to my metaphor…

Or as you’re battling currents and waves and it feels like you’re just barely keeping your head above water, folks can be watching you from the sidelines admiring your journey.

I was reminded of this a few times this year when I was asked to talk about my life and writing career with three wonderful media personalities.

#9 I GOT TO TALK WITH SOME GREAT FOLKS: Thank you, Monica, Dimitria and Smash and Geaux Dee for having me on your shows and sharing me with your audiences.

I don’t take it for granted and appreciate the love!

Oh, and Fam, if you’re in a throwback mood, click on the shows to enjoy my interviews with them. 🙂

Happy Tuesday.

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