A Special Young Reader


#FBF to one of the most touching moments I’ve had with #NanasFridge…

I’m always honored when a school, church or youth program invites me to read my children’s book about two little Black girls and their nana to their students.

See, Fam, I know how important stories are. How they shape us, inspire our imaginations and teach us empathy and humanity for one another.

That’s why this little guy is so special to me.

I got swarmed after my presentation at #BarnhartSchool a few years ago. But this young man patiently waited to talk to me and tell me how much he enjoyed #NanasFridge. J He’s probably taller than  I am today. LOL But it warms my heart to know that my story made an impression on him.

Keep telling your stories, Fam. You never know who’s watching:  https://bit.ly/NanasFridge


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