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#MondayMotivation When I first wrote my children’s book, #NanasFridge, I didn’t write it for all of the wonderful families and little ones that have found it. I wrote it for two special little girls.

My nieces Amari and Khila mean the world to me and my only goal was to write a story for them to see themselves. I had never written a children’s book before. And I had no clue how to find an illustrator and publish it.

But once I committed to my intention, I just followed my heart and the path opened up for me to find the perfect illustrator, Thomas Barnett!

The lesson? Create from your heart. Move forward with intention. And God got the rest.

Hope you enjoy these pics of Amari and Khila seeing themselves as the stars of #NanasFridge for the first time as much I did. 

And if you have little ones in your life, you can purchase a copy here:


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