Why I’m Supporting National Bail Out

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Fam, I’ve got dyslexia with numbers, but I’m gonna give this a shot…

Police Officer #ThomasLane, one of the Minneapolis four that murdered #GeogeFloyd, posted 10% against a $750,000 bail.

That’s $75,000, Fam.

Now, he’s out free.

Meanwhile ….An average of 700,000 Black and brown people nationally are caged behind bars EVERY DAY, because they can’t afford to pay 10% of their bails.

Bails that can sometimes be as small as $1,000.

Or after you do the math…$100.


Like I said, I’ve got dyslexia with numbers.

But even I know, this doesn’t add up.

Understand why the liberation work National Bail Out does is important now?

Please LISTEN AND SHARE https://bit.ly/AHConApple and join me in supporting them.

#AddressHouseofCorrections #scriptedpodcasts #MoniceMitchellSimms#NationalBailOut #BlackLivesMatter #georgefloydprotests

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