Wonderful Women Wednesday


As my hometown Detroit continues to battle the coronavirus like so many around the world, I’m remembering some amazing people who poured love into me.

Dr. Hattie Cason was my English teacher when I was a student at Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High school in Detroit (1985-1989).

Ms. Cason…What can I say about the woman I had a love-hate relationship with? LOL She was directly integral to my growth as a writer and I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be the scribe or person that I am if I had not been taught by her.

The lesson she taught me? To never settle for mediocrity and to always do my personal best, no matter the circumstance.

Ms. Cason passed away some time ago and is no longer with us, but I will forever be grateful to her for impacting my life. Thank you, Ms. Cason!

#GoodTeachersMatter #Detroit #DetroitPublicSchools #DPS #MadeInDetroit

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