Blessed Be the Fight!

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#ForYourConsideration An admission, Fam.

As an 80s baby shaped by the second coming of the Golden Age of television, I’m usually a contrarian snob when it comes to modern TV shows.

In fact, If it’s a hit and popular with EVERYBODY, I consciously run in the opposite direction. LOL

But last night, I attended #Hulu‘s screening of the finale episodes of #TheHandmaidsTale and, Baby….I am hooked!

I won’t spoil anything for you, Fam, but for those of you that don’t know, Kate Moss’s June Osborne is is dope ass mixtape of Harriet Tubman (the baddest, because she was real), Sarah Connor (Terminator) and Ripley (Alien) combined!

I’m a total fan girl now and can’t wait until season 4!

Yaw watching?

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