It Keeps Getting Better….

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Fam, my first week as a Producers Guild of America Diversity Master Fellow has been a whirlwind!

We were gifted with advice and knowledge from two phenomenal guest speakers — veteran producer and former The Producers Guild of Americapresident, #GaryLuchessia and writer-producer and founder of Script Anatomy Tawnya Bhattacharya.

I attended a Netflix screening of the series finale House of Cards with my mentor Brian McLaughlin.

And yesterday, I topped everything off by attending the
Produced By Conference!

Check out some pics I managed to snap in between taking five pages of notes. 😁 I learned so much from each panel, saw friends and my workshop classmates doing their thang and made some great new connections.

If this week is any indication of how my time in the PGA Diversity Master Workshop is going to go, I am here for it!#Producing

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