Stay Tuned….


Hey, Fam. I know my pic above looks like a regular ole beach selfie. 

It isn’t. (That’s my No More Waiting Face.)

My dad passed away nearly a month ago and since July of last year, I’ve been helping him through the illness that ultimately ended his life. 

Dealing with losing my Dad has and continues to be a day by day journey. It has also made something abundantly clear to me: Time isn’t guaranteed to anyone. 

And, I’ve decided…Actually,  I’ve been inspired to…Get the hell out of my own way and get my work out there THIS YEAR. Period. 

I don’t have all of the details yet. In fact, things usually work out best for me when I get out of my head and just DO. 

So…Stay Tuned. It’s gonna be epic. 🙂

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