For Erasing Solange’s Crown or…. that’s what QUEENS do

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 7.06.12 PM
black woman
your crown has never been
an ornament
for decoration
rocks not rubies
pearls pilfered by pain
your crown’s been erased
on the daily
and no day’s been the same
forced through the door of no return
they thought they stripped it
thought you left it behind
because in the belly of the beast
they couldn’t see it
thought you had fallen in line
thought the plaits and the cornrows
thought the beads and the braids
thought the perms and the blowouts
thought the bald heads and dreadlocs
          i could go on for days
be it afros or wigs
curly or straight
natural or sewn in
black women stand at the gate
 rocking their crowns
like Olivia Pope and her Fendi bags
            it’s handled
whatever task done
            it’s handled
whatever battle won
             it’s handled
whatever problem fixed
            it’s handled
no time for cranes in the sky
black women are busy
making their own seats
at their own tables
constructing thrones
out of toothpicks and cotton balls

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