monice magazine #7

Make Believers! Check out this great info 

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Fam, I’m excited to introduce to you an amazing up and coming filmmaker, who I guarantee you’ll be seeing win an Oscar one day! She’s my friend and Detroit sister Erica Watson.

Tasked with completing her USC thesis film, “Roubado,” she begged, borrowed and stole (OK, I don’t know about that last one) to make her film in CANNES.

To date, “Roubado” has been been accepted to over 40 festivals around the world and counting.  Watch her trailer and be inspired! Then, check out this great info I gathered just for you: 

Creativity Is Much More Than 10,000

Hours of Deliberate Practice


Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime


Artist Adds Monsters To Everyday

Situations Because Life Is Boring


Caribbean Tales Incubator 

Call for Submissions!



Authorvist – Broadcaster Donta Morrison!

Make Believer of the Week!


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