monice magazine issue #4

Make Believers! Check out this great info 

to help you make it do what it do!

Fam, I decided to start this week’s monice magazine with a vlog episode from my friend, wealth coach Terrance  Harrington. Yaw might be asking, “Wealth, Monice? Really? “

Well, as a professional Make Believer, I know that if you don’t have your finances together, you won’t be make believing for long. LOL!

So, take advantage of the wisdom Terrance is sharing  on his Youtube channel, then check out this great info I collected just for you:

Personal Finance Has Everything

And Nothing To Do With Money


50 Ways To Cultivate A Creative Habit


How Procrastinating Can Boost Your Creativity


Dreams Start Here


Literacy Advocate-Publisher Ashlee Henderson

Make Believer of the Week


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