monice magazine issue #2

Make Believers! Check out this great info 

to help you make it do what it do!

Happy Wednesday, Fam!

Happy and Wednesday in the same sentence may seem like a oxymoron. But, trust — Watch this “Sister Act 2” performance of “Joyful Joyful” (starring Lauryn Hill and my friend Deondray Gossett in the chorus) and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.🙂

Then, check out this great info I collected just for you:

Make More Art: The Health Benefits of Creativity 


7 Tips for Conquering A Creative Block

Walk the Walk: How Walking Makes You Reach Goal

(It’s not just killing that keeps Rick and his “Walking Dead” fam alive…) 


Los Angeles Celebrates Octavia Butler: A Visionary Among Futurists

(My shero Octavia Butler was also an avid walker (like me). #IJS)


Cartoonist/Illustrator Chuck Collins

Make Believer of the Week!


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