Authors, Why Should You Platform Your Voice?

Fam, full disclosure: I’ve been dreading writing this post.

Not because I don’t think it is important. But because I don’t really have any new information to share.

I mean, seriously, there’s already so much repetitive stuff floating around online about building an author platform, right? I know you’re all aware of these top five TO DOs:

1. Build a WEBSITE.

2. Launch a BLOG and Guest blog.



5. Network on LINKEDIN.

Interestingly enough, these top five MUST DOs all require you spending countless hours on the computer writing. Which, of course, is what we writers do.

But my post is called PLATFORM YOUR VOICE and I find it completely ironic how with all this talk about writing and building author platforms, many experts fail to advice writers to take the next logical step and OPEN THEIR DAMN MOUTHS. 

My granny always told me, ” A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” 

As a child I didn’t know what that old lady was talking about. But now as a grown woman authorpreneur, I get it. 

In life, if you want or need something, you gotta speak up to get it. The same is true in publishing. Especially now. 

It’s not enough anymore for writers to to get a publishing deal or self publish. Now you have to build an  author brand that separates you from the white noise. Following are a few tips to help you do just that:

1. SHARE. DON’T SELL. Before you can platform your voice, you must have something to say. Preferably something that can help others. The fastest way to get folks to not follow you or buy your books is to talk only about yourself, book or project all of the time.

2. POST instructional, promotional or behind-the-scenes videos on YOUTUBE.

3. RECORD audio clips/tips or hire actors to read your work and post using ITUNES, PODIOBOOKS or LEARNOUTLOUD and others.

4. DO radio, podcast and BLOG TALK RADIO interviews.

5. TEACH. This goes back to the first tip of  sharing. Loyal students love to support their teachers. 

6. READ at open mics. Getting up and reading in front of a group of strangers does double duty — (1)  possible book sales and (2) practice, so you’ll be comfortable reading before your throngs of fans on your book tour. 

7.  ATTEND workshops, conferences, conventions, and networking events—and talk to people.

8. SPEAK for cold, hard cash. That’s right. If you wrote a book, folks may pay you money to talk to them at those same workshops, conferences and conventions I suggested you to attend above. This is a sure fire way to earn supplemental income, platform your voice and sell books all at the same time. 

O.K., authorpreneurs,  hopefully, I’ve given you some new ways to platform your voice as an author.

Like anything, what works for you may not work someone else.

So, take my approach and try them all on for size to see which ones fit and give you the results you desire. 

Yes, authorpreneurs, I know it’s easier to lean only on our written words, because it’s comfortable.

But if you step away from your keyboards and open your mouths to platform your voices, you’ll go that much further.


Fam, how have any of these techniques to platform your voice worked for you as an author? What’s the most successful or unique thing you’ve done?

  One thought on “Authors, Why Should You Platform Your Voice?

  1. November 15, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    Thanks for this informative post Mo. I have done a lot of these, but I definitely need to step my game up on Youtube and doing podcasts. I will be referring back to this post!

  2. November 16, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    Just sharing my throw it onto the wall and see what sticks strategy. To day, us, authorpreneurs gotta try everything we can to stand out and platform ourselves. Use every tool in your marketing arsenal, girl.

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