Well Done, Auntie!

Fam, we celebrated my dear Auntie Jo’s amazing life yesterday and what a celebration it was!

I’m so glad I was able to be there for my family as we said goodbye to her earthly form and loved on each other.

As a final gift to her, Sistah wrote the obituary and I penned a poem to honor her from the POV of GOD greeting her as she joins our grandparents and siblings that passed on before her in Heaven.

Hope yaw enjoy it

Welcome Home

by your niece, Monie

From that blessed day in June

When you, my Joann, first bloomed

I knew you were a special one

            An exceptional grain of sand

            A snow flake precious in my hand

            A raindrop tenacious in the sky

            A pebble’s ripple from how to why

You were created – like all my children – to serve a purpose

To shine your light

Surpass the surface

            And you, my darling Jo, did not relent

            Not even when you were tired

            Not even when you were spent

You led with love

You lived with grace

            And now that it’s time to see my face

            I say to you with JOY

Well done, my child

            Devoted Daughter

            Supportive Sister

Well done

            Wonderful Wife

            Giving Grandmother

Well done

            Awesome Auntie

            Caring Cousin

Well done

            Forever Friend

            Compassionate Caregiver

Well done



            Miraculous  Mother

Well done, my Child

Well done, my Child

Well done

            You’ve earned your place by my side

            And I’m so proud

Welcome Home.

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