Rest Well, Auntie

Fam, this is a hard post to write….

This week, we lost our beloved Auntie Jo, my late daddy’s second oldest sister.

Ever since I was born, I’ve had a close relationship with Auntie. She was always a safe place to land and supportive cheerleader of every creative thing I did.

Her love for me was unwavering. And our bond survived my parents divorce when I was 11, and me leaving Detroit to follow my Hollywood dreams 30 years ago.

On GP, she always checked up on me and my hubby, Mr. Simms. And it didn’t have to be a birthday. It could just be a Tuesday or if there was a police chase, mass shooting, earthquake, mud slide or wildfire in LA. (Cali is crazy, yaw)

God knew what he was doing when he made her my auntie and I’m beyond grateful for her love. Rest well, Auntie.


Your Niece

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