Our Impromptu Broadway Sistah Trip

Fam, sometimes you gotta take a break from your hectic life to get some Impromtu one on one time with your Sistah!

Yep. This is Times Square.

As you can see, I was a little excited to be there.

Because we came to see the master August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson” on Broadway!

We couldn’t pass up the chance to see Samuel Jackson, John David Washington and Danielle Brooks staged a masterpiece from the master, August Wilson.

Me and Sistah all smiles waiting to go inside for the show. Heading in, it felt like a family reunion with so many beautiful Black folks – young and old – there to experience Broadway!

Gonna keep this keepsake for sho!

The next day, Sistah and I took a stroll around the fantastic Central Park. I had never been and am writing a screenplay that begins here. So it was a mixture of business and pleasure for me.

Whenever we see a bench, Sistah always makes herself at home. And she always poses the same way – the way our late Granny would have.

Me? I’m still a tom boy at heart. So whenever I see a tree that calls my name, I climb it.

After we got lost in Central Park – 😆 – we headed  over to our next Broadway treat which was being staged across the street from the August Wilson Theatre. As a writer, this was so inspiring to see.

Oh. My. God!!! We didn’t come to see the MJ Musical and I actually tried to convince Sistah that the expense was too much, but knowing how much I LOVE Michael, she insisted.

And I’m so glad she did! It was such a phenomenal show. The music. The story. The acting. And of course, the dancing.

I was soooo happy and I so needed to see this. THANK YOU, SISTAH!!!

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