Fam, a question…

What do you do after you’ve achieved all of your childhood goals?

Today, I was looking for something, and I came across this…

It’s a clip from my family’s church’s 1988 newsletter.

Check out 16-year-old Monice’s aspirations. She wanted to become a playwright, screenwriter, author, poet, director and a producer. And guess what? 34 years later, I’ve achieved each and every one.

NOW what do I do?

Three plus decades is a long time to be doing anything. And this road that I’ve been on since I was a teen has not be an easy one. I’ve sacrificed so much, committed my entire life to my goals and honestly, as I approach my 51st birthday, I’m questioning how much longer I can run this race.


The way I have been.

I mean.

Maybe I’ve just been in a reflective mood.

Maybe the recent passing of my father and the declining health of my mother has me questioning my own mortality.

Or maybe meeting a barber who just retired and moved to Long Beach after cutting hair for 30 years has me re-evaluating my purpose.

Whatsomever it is, this clip reminds me that intention has power.

Sixteen year-old Monice knew exactly who she wanted to become, and would be so proud of what she achieved.

Fifth dimension Monice won’t ever retire from being a writer, but… she’s spent.

Lawd, she’s weary.

And she needs new goals, new intentions, new aspirations to achieve.


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