The Chocolate Tide Is Rising!

Fam, ever realize you’ve experienced an important part of Black History?

Ever since I first saw Art Kane’s iconic 1959 photograph of jazz giants, “A Great Day in Harlem,” I got excited to identify each artist and learn about them.

Then, 39 years later, Gordon Parks returned to the same spot to pay homage to Kane’s photo with “A Great Day in Hip Hop,” and I got excited all over again!

I even looked for the location for both photos when I visited Harlem for my Address: House of Corrections book tour, so I could take a photo there, too. But I couldn’t find it. So, I forgot about it.

Until this past weekend.

Fam, on Saturday, I caught waves in the Chocolate Tide at “A Great Day in the Stoke,” founded by Nathan Fluellen aka #WorldWideNate.

It was the largest gathering of Black surfers EVER. And legends, athletes and fans came from all over the world to blessHuntington Beach in Black Excellence.

We also took an iconic “A Great Day in the Stoke” group picture that they’ll be revealing soon. And Mr. Simms and I are in it!

Can’t wait to share it with you and point myself out. 😄

In the meantime, check out a few pics Saturday and get on the waiting list for Nate’s #AGDITS gathering next year. It’s gonna be EPIC! #agreatdayinthestoke

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