Reminding Myself To Stay Grateful

Fam, his picture – taken by my brother Quincy – has been hanging our home ever since we said, “I do.”

It’s become such a comfortable part of our lives, that even though I see it every day, it more often than not blends into the background.

But today, as I was dusting it during my Sunday cleaning, I stopped to read all of the messages our family and friends wrote for us on that lovely day 18 years ago and I just wanted to say, “Thank You.”

Marriage ain’t easy.

And Ryeal and I aren’t the same people (Thank God) we were when we pledged our lives to each other in front of our village of loved ones – some of which are now gone from this world – nearly two decades ago.

But the love everyone poured onto and into us that day was tangible. Real. Your encouraging words were a blessing and a reminder to us to keep holding on.

And 25 total years now with each other, Mr. and Mrs. Simms are still committed and excited to keep going on.

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