#7 Wouldn’t Take Nothin’ for My Journey Now

Fam, I’ve been grinding in Hollyweird 25 years next year.

Wow. It just got real saying that out loud. LOL

The years have both flown and limped by, you know? And it seems like the only way you can survive in this business is to keep moving.

But every now and again, something comes along that pauses you and makes you appreciate how far you’ve come and how much you still have to offer.

#7 WOMEN WARRIORS OF EDUCATION HONOREE:That’s what happened when Dr. Truman Hudson called to let me know my alma mater Wayne State University had chosen me to be a Women Warriors in Education honoree.

From social workers to professors to CEOs, I was in prestigious company of sister warriors who are leading, building and making a difference in the field of education. And I was humbled and honored to be included amongst them.

I was also grateful. Because Tru — that’s what I call my college friend of 32 years — knows my journey and Wayne State is where my elevation as a playwright and screenwriter began.

Receiving this honor from who I did when I did was just the reminder I needed to keep writing, sharing and helping others to tell their own stories. Thank you Truman and Wayne State University College of Education for blessing me this year!

Happy Thursday.

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