For Daddy

Grief is…strange.

After you lose a loved one, it’s almost unbearable.

Always on your mind…Constantly, highjacking your heart.

Then, one day you look up and it’s been two years and seven months since your Daddy died and his memorial flag is still gathering dust at the top of your bookshelf.

I had been meaning to get the glass casing for Daddy’s flag soon after he passed, but as the saying goes, life went on and I kept forgetting about it.

But my husband never did.

He and Daddy had a special relationship. More than father and son-in-law, they were fellow veterans and friends.

And last night, he surprised me with a gift I will forever be grateful to him for.

Thank you, Baby. I love you so much.

And not that I needed any confirmation, but I see why Daddy did, too.

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