Why I LOVE Making Audio Dramas!

Fam, this is an AMAZING time to. be a storyteller!

Folks are devouring film, TV, books and now, scripted podcasts, and I am stoked to be rocking stories in this lane!

Check out this #TBT clip to Podfest Multimedia Expo‘s Global Summit panel about “The Amazing Vibrant World of Black Audio Drama” where I share what fulfills me most about doing audio dramas.

Then, go enjoy our podcasts at https://msha.ke/blkaudiodramas/#black-audio-dramas

My sister panelists, #XperienceJ, #AishaCasey, and #AngelForte, are creators you should know!

#blackaudiodramasexist #BlackFemalePodcasters #TellingOurOwnStories

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