Humanity Wins!


Fam, with folks doing so much bad (and crazy) stuff in the world, it’s easy to start believing humanity is trash.

But yesterday, after I willed myself to take my once biweekly walk through the hills, I decided to treat myself to ice-cream.

Because DUH! I exercised!

And as I was walking towards the door of Baskin Robbins, a father and his young son were exiting at the same time, so I stepped back six feet to let them go first.

And Lil Man — excited to get to their car and rip off his mask to devour his double-scooped ice-cream cone — skipped out.

But his Daddy called him back in, held open the door and said to me, “Ladies first.” Then, his son — looking up at him with pure devotion — repeated it.

I smiled, my mask hiding it, thanked them and walked in.

Humanity isn’t trash, Fam. Fathers are still teaching their sons manners in the middle of a pandemic and societal upheaval.

If we can hold on to moments like this, we gone be alright.

#CovidStories #QuarantineLife #HumanityWins

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