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Fam, some experiences improve you. Others remind you who you are. For me, the PGA Power of Diversity Master Workshop did both.

Most of yaw know I’ve been at this for a minute and real talk? My Hollyweird journey has been trying. But last summer, I was blessed to earn a spot on a life raft with 13 fellow producers, 22 amazing mentors and a curated collection of phenomenal speakers.  

As an introvert, I was more at home writing alone in my pajamas and scared to death to pitch.

Weekly, the workshop taught me how to tell my story and kicked me out the nest.  

As a loner, I was more comfortable with a chosen few and intimidated talking to strangers.

Weekly, the workshop helped me learn, bond and grow with souls I now consider my friends.

As a writer, I hid behind being an artist and resentfully produced out of necessity.

Weekly, the workshop emboldened me with financing and strategic knowledge and reminded me that not only have I always been a producer, but that I also enjoy being one.

Fam, there are so many other things I could share about my transformative experience in the PGA Power of Diversity Master Workshop to try to convince you to apply for this year’s opportunity. But you don’t have to just take my word for it. Check out what some of my PGA Fam also have to say and that’ll hopefully help you make up your mind. 🙂

Applications are now open @ Early Bird Deadline is February 10th.–Looking-Ahead-To-Summer-Vacation-A-Life-Changing-Experience-That-s-More-Extraordinary-Than-Exotic?hhSearchTerms=%22widad%22&terms=







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