For Your Consideration….

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Fam, I know yaw probably think I’m exaggerating, but there’s a for reals shift happening in Hollyweird.

Like dripping water wearing down a stone, It’s been happening slowly, but surely, and filmmakers like #AvaDuVernay have been leading the charge.

Last night, I was blessed to watch the first episode of her masterpiece #WhenTheySeeUs for the second time and I was blown away again.

Yes, the acting, cinematography, writing and directing were magnificent. But what really got me? The panel discussion afterwards.

All of the actors and the composer spoke with reverence about their experience shooting the series with Ava. Their love and respect for her filled the standing only room, and that’s why #WTSU has received 16 Emmy nominations.

Just goes to show you, Fam..TRUE leadership doesn’t tear you down. It lifts you up.

And I’m so grateful Ava is lifting as she climbs to tell her stories, because it inspires me to do the same.

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