Hi, I’m Monice. And I’m A Producer!


#AboutLastNight…I am so GRATEFUL right now.

Fam, you know how folks talk about turning points? Those pivotal moments when your life shifts into a new gear?

Well, that happened for me last night when I gave the most important pitch of my career (so far) as my final in the Producers Guild of America Diversity Master Workshop. Just the fact that my shy tail was able to do it is miracle enough. LOL!

But the true gift is the entire experience I’ve had in this program. The skills I’ve learned. The mentors and friends I’ve gained. The growth I feel.

I’m so grateful that I am now READY to not only produce my feature Sacked, but I’m also excited to get my other current projects Not Real Lee – The Movie and #GrowingUpNikki done, too!

Thank you so much, The Producers Guild of America, Sasheen Artis and Matt Johnson for accepting me into the fold and partnering me with Brian McLaughlin and Susan Dynner, the best mentors in the world!

I’m about to go out in these Hollywood streets and make yaw proud. I promise! #SACKED #WhoIsMonice #GoGetHer

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