Can’t Wait for 2019!

Granny cropped

Hey, Fam! Hope your Monday is going well. For me, it’s been enlightening…

See, basically since Halloween, I’ve been saying I can’t wait for 2018 to be over. But today, as I scrolled through posts of so many mourning the loss of loved ones, I reminded myself that my words have power.

So, starting today, I’m switching it up and saying, I CAN’T WAIT FOR 2019 TO BEGIN.

Seems like a slight tweak, I know. But in reality, it’s a HUGE difference, because instead of focusing on something ending, I’m celebrating something beginning.

And you know what else? So many good things are starting to sprout up in these last few days of 2018 that lets me know 2019 is excitedly waiting for me, too!

In fact, me being the creative chile that I am, when I envision 2019, I see my granny.

Picture it: Circa 1982. Me and Sistah were students at St. Cecila Catholic school – Detroit’s version of “Sister Act 2” – and our Granny would pick us up after school.

And when I say “pick us up,” I mean, she would wait for us on the corner at the end of the three block walk from her street and our school.

Why didn’t she meet us at the school, you ask? Well, doing the math, Granny was 75 at that time, so making that walk every day with her bad legs was too much for her, so she just told us – “When yaw get out of school, look down at the corner and I’ll be down there waitin’.”

And like clockwork, she was ALWAYS there. And me and Gina would walk towards her, happy to see the safety of her presence waiting for us.

And that, Fam, is what I see when I think of 2019. My Granny waiting for me to reach her and make it do what it do.

I can’t wait. 😊

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